bundle of abundance

SFr. 29.00

Bundle of Desert Sage, covered with gold leaf, to burn to invoke abundance in all its forms. Desert sage is known to bring purification and spiritual opening to your fumigation rituals. The pyrite maintained with the bundle brings it its vibration of vitality and abundance.

Set fire to the bundle and blow gently to extinguish the flame and stir up the smoke, because it is the smoke that traps all the negative energies. Begin by purifying yourself by circulating the smoke around you and your ritual space. Set your purification intentions and invoke the abundance you need.

Once your ritual is complete, crush the bundle to suffocate it or pass it under running water to extinguish it (can be reignited for several uses). Ventilate your ritual space well so that the smoke can carry all the negative energies with it.

All plants are ecologically grown and ethically harvested. Each bundle is tied on the day of the full moon and loaded with a lunar bath.