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We offer a selection of products made by designers and craftsmen, on sale all year round only in our Baies d'Erelle boutique in Lausanne.


Kosma is a passionate family business that has been making handcrafted shoes (leather, leather lined) on the island of Menorca in Spain, since 1979.


Bags & leather goods

Several times per season, we receive models of bags , totes, banana bags or clutches in Italian leather or suede, made by our Florentine craftsmen.



Meadow seed

All the floral decoration of our shop is carried out by our florist Marisa, expert in the installations of dried flowers, bouquets, pots to offer and wreaths.


Dreamcatcher & Macrame

Elodie Fouchon creates wall hangings with natural rope, driftwood from the lake, Lavaux vines, feathers and semi-precious stones. Each of his creations are unique and handmade in his winemaker's house in Cully.


Isabelle Collomb panties

We're a fan of pop panties by Parisian designer Isabelle Collomb, who plays with animal prints and portraits of women. All her panties are one size (from 36 to 40) made with a laser cut on the back and a cotton lining.