Our values

creative process
Each piece finds its origin in our shop-workshop in Lausanne. It all starts with inspiration and the in-depth reflection that follows from it. Research, sketches, composition, deconstruction, failed attempts, prototypes, corrections and adjustments. The entire creative process is a search for balance. We have the prestige of being the only independent client still working with Chanel's assembly workshops. Their artisan jewelers take care of the assembly of our prototypes and the production of our collections for the golden pale gold line. All the finishes as well as the brass and copper line are entirely made by us.

Our materials
Les Baies creations come in two lines of jewellery, one in brass and raw copper and one in brass and gilded copper in pale gold.
All the elements that make up our jewellery, from brass wire to chains, rings, clasps and even stamps, are made of brass and copper, certified lead-free and nickel-free. Our suppliers of chains and finishes are small family businesses in Paris and concerned about local production. Our prints come from a house located in the heart of Paris, whose tools belong to the National Heritage and whose manufacture is ISO 14001 certified (environmentally friendly manufacturing).

Baies d'Erelle jewelery and ethical gold

The Baies d'Erelle brand is committed to sustainability. Renowned for their quality know-how for nearly a century, our gilding house, also located in the heart of Paris, benefits from RJC Certification. Listening to our requirements, the craftsmen gilders produce for us a satiny pale gold gilding, which gives the jewel a refined subtlety. The gold used meets criteria respecting social, labor and human rights in addition to guaranteeing controlled use of resources and energy, among others.

In order to respond to a clientele concerned about the origin of a jewel and its components, the Responsible Jewelery Council (Council for responsible practices in jewellery-jewellery) undertakes to define ethical, social and environmental standards which allow transparency significant throughout the supply chain of metals, gold and platinum materials.

Certification is awarded to companies motivated by a lasting commitment to the processing of the raw materials they use, from mining to commercial sale. To maintain RJC Certified Member status, recertification must be completed every three years. This approach demonstrates the motivation to make a long-term commitment and constitutes a mark of trust for consumers.
You will find detailed explanations of the certification procedure in French and English .

Our stones

The fine and semi-precious stones that we use are of origin controlled by our supplier who works with independent craftsmen, mainly Chinese stonemasons, with know-how imbued with an ancestral heritage. All our stones come from quality independent mines located in the most beautiful deposits around the world:

Amazonite (South Africa)
Amethyst (Brazil)
Bamboo (Asia)
Limestone landscape (Brazil)
Citrine (Brazil)
Rock crystal (Brazil)
Agate geode (Brazil)
Garnet (India)
Howlite (Brazil)
White Labradorite/Moonstone (Madagascar)
Gray Labradorite (Madagascar)
Lapis lazuli (Afghan)
White mother-of-pearl (Indonesia, pearl oyster shell)
Gray mother-of-pearl (Tahiti, pearl oyster shell)
Golden Obsidian (Mexico)
Onyx/black agate (Brazil)
Opal (Australia)
Pyrite (Peru)
White Quartz (Brazil)
Smoky quartz (Brazil)
Rose quartz (Brazil, Madagascar)
Rhodochrosite (Argentina)
Serpentine (Brazil)
White topaz and blue topaz (Brazil)



All our jewelry is packed in cardboard boxes, made manually in Switzerland by a social reintegration company (Polyval). All our jewelry pouches are made in India by a family that uses eco-responsible cotton (without the use of chemicals and with a view to saving and preserving water).

The acquisition of a piece of jewelry often involves personal or sentimental attention. We thus guarantee you a climate of trust and integrity.
Being able to offer jewelery that respects the environment and human rights represents a luxury for us, which converges with our values ​​within the universe of Berries.