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virtues of stones

virtues of stones

Crystals are the highest expression of the mineral kingdom. Born from the alliance between earth and light, they emit yin energy (feminine, earth, moon) as well as yang energy (masculine, light, sun). They are the embodiment of the perfect balance of matter, and purity. They are consciousness generators. Each quartz concentrates an extraordinary and diversified energy according to its structure and its color and projects around it a vibratory field captured by all living species. Quartzes are therefore precious allies for balancing, harmonizing and revitalizing our whole being.

Black agate or onyx
Anchor and Fulfillment Stone

Stone of inner strength, it brings a powerful anchoring favoring perseverance and discipline which lead to accomplishment. Its energy brings self-control, increases concentration skills and stimulates memory. It calms the nervous system and anxiety, brings vitality and physical strength. By stimulating an emotional neutrality, this stone helps to affirm its priorities and to concentrate the energy in positive force.
Origin: Brazil
stone of truth and communication

Maker of peace and harmony, with oneself and others, amazonite allows you to connect to your truth, to be able to communicate it clearly and to act accordingly. It stimulates the conscience in the acceptance of its feelings and its qualities. Awakening compassion, it helps to resolve conflicts and soothe emotional trauma. It brings a personal balance that allows you to set your limits and attract the right people in your relationships.
Origin: South Africa

Stone of purification and spiritual protection

Having a very strong purifying power, amethyst protects against a negative environment, bringing it balance and inner well-being. It helps to get rid of bad influences and habits. Calming the mind, it allows you to enter a higher state of consciousness and a better understanding of the dynamics at work. It is a classic meditation tool because it allows psychic opening and stimulates intuition.
Origin: Brazil
Stone of creativity and realization

A solar stone, citrine awakens the imagination to strengthen clarity of mind and creative abilities. It stimulates the personal will and pushes to the realization and the concretization of dreams and desires. It allows you to be open to future possibilities and to persevere in the actions to be undertaken with the aim of accomplishment and manifestation. By its purifying power, this stone releases blockages and helps us to give form to energy.
Origin: Brazil
Stone of self-confidence and love

Highly regenerating, the gentle energy of garnet opens the heart. It encourages the reception and expression of abundant love, respect and compassion towards oneself and others. By helping with emotional healing, especially in cases of guilt or shame, this stone allows inner alignment, awareness of its value and boosts self-confidence. Also of physical and spiritual support, it activates the inner connection and the feeling of adequacy.
Origin: India

Stone of positivity and appeasement

Howlite is famous for its positive virtues. An extremely soothing stone, it teaches patience and has the power to calm the mind, anxiety, hypersensitivity or anger. Emotional stabilizer, it promotes discernment, channels the mind and clarifies ideas by bringing them a certain coherence. It allows you to listen and develop your intuitions to connect to the spiritual dimensions that lead to inner wisdom.
Origin: Brazil

stone of magic and protection

Magic stone, it is the symbol of esoteric knowledge and stimulates intuitive and mental skills connecting to inner powers and awakens the third eye. It helps to unveil unconscious patterns by opening access to the multiple layers of reality to reveal its interconnectedness and helps to overcome apparent dualities. She protects with her light, preventing others from tapping into our energy.
Origin: Madagascar

Lapis lazuli
Stone of spirituality and royalty

Lapis lazuli carries the vibration of the queens and kings who sleep within us and helps to know our divine nature, to develop intuition and spiritual guidance. It is a powerful amplifier of inner truth and clairvoyance. It stimulates awareness and self-expression by promoting the visualization of opportunities for growth. Clarifying thoughts, it allows learning efficiency and a greater connection to our memories, both present and past.
Origin: Afghanistan
White mother-of-pearl / Gray mother-of-pearl
Stone of softness and appeasement

The enveloping energy of mother-of-pearl brings security and well-being, evoking maternal love, tenderness and gentleness. It protects against the shocks of life, soothes anger, mood swings or anxiety. It helps to focus and open the mind to reach wisdom more easily. Its manufacture in the aquatic environment charges the beneficial energy of water which stimulates the vital circulation and the drainage of the body.
Origin: Indonesia & Tahiti
white and blue opal
stone of liberation and light
A very powerful stone, opal amplifies everything related to the emotional body. The white opal allows patterns to emerge, both positive and negative, and motivates the will to free oneself from fears, anger and wounds to welcome positivity. The blue opal acts strongly on the power of intentions and the power of achieving one's goals. It also allows deep work, freeing from anchored traumas and stimulates spiritual potential.
Origin: Australia
Moon stone
Stone of intuition and life cycles

Guardian of feminine mysteries and power, moonstone is the talisman that brings to light the hidden truth that resides deep within us. It connects to the energy of the moon and leads to awareness of the rhythm of the cycles of life. Developing intuition, it allows more clairvoyance and supports non-linear thinking. It makes it possible to accept the stages of life by bringing emotional balance. It stabilizes and aligns the nervous and hormonal systems.
Origin: Madagascar

Stone of vitality and perseverance

The energizing power of pyrite brings vitality and creativity into action and fuels ambition and the power of achievement. It increases dynamism, confidence, mental and physical performance and perseverance in order to achieve one's goals. It acts on the will to overcome bad habits, fear and anxiety. This stone allows to establish a positive energy of functioning and to attract abundance.
Origin: Peru

Quartz or rock crystal
Amplification and Energy Stone

A multidimensional stone, it can be programmed by the power of intention to help achieve any goal. It amplifies all forms of energy and is therefore particularly beneficial in combination with other stones. Accelerating the realization of a process, it makes it possible to project one's life projects into reality. It increases spiritual awareness and can be used in any metaphysical process.
Origin: Brazil
smoky quartz
Grounding and positivity stone

It is one of the most powerful anchoring stones, thus allowing to develop the practical and responsible side, the sense of organization, concentration and patience. It helps to protect against negative energies, cleaning the atmosphere of their influence and purifying them to transform the substance into a positive force. By connecting to the earth, it brings balance, introspection and letting go of situations of trouble and internalized resentment.
Origin: Brazil
pink quartz
Stone of love and emotional healing

It is a stone of unconditional love; for yourself and others. It brings emotional healing that dissolves barriers to achieve deep trust. Its strength allows you to get rid of stress, fear or anger to reprogram the heart positively with hope and joy. By intensifying compassion and sensitivity, it promotes acceptance of the changes needed to open the heart.
Origin: Brazil & Madagascar
Stone for emotional healing and the inner child

It brings healing to the heart through the recognition and release of memories of emotional wounds. Allowing inner peace and self-forgiveness, it helps to rediscover the skills hampered by past traumas and leads to asserting oneself in what one really is. It is a stone of tender love and compassion, soothing the soul, which reconnects us with our inner child, his playfulness and cheerfulness.
Origin: Argentina

white topaz
Stone of clairvoyance and truth

A highly spiritual stone helping to clarify one's intentions and ideas, white topaz brings clarity and clairvoyance that guides the realization and manifestation of wishes and goals. It can be used to speed up the process and amplify the force of accomplishing an intention. It is the expression of the highest vibration of the spirit and allows us to perceive the truth in others while connecting to our own, in order to be able to assert ourselves.
Origin: Argentina

blue topaz
Stone of spirit and communication

This stone is charged with the "fire of the spirit" and increases the mental and intellectual processes which facilitate concentration and knowledge. It leads to being able to better articulate one's thoughts and intuitions and inspires perfection in one's projects as well as in one's life. Calming and allowing you to navigate through complex concepts, it facilitates the communication of emotions and needs as well as the verbalization of ideas.
Origin: Argentina

Photos: Hélène Spycher



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