The Baies d'Erelle brand was born from a desire for symbiosis between jewelry and the body, imagined by the Franco-Swiss designer Erelle Bertolini.

''My creations reflect my folk and nomadic way of life, combining metallic and organic materials in perpetual motion.

Chains of brass and copper gilded with pale gold take shape, like conductive threads around semi-precious stones. A subtle marriage between hardness and flaws, the irregularities of these stones reflect their raw and mineral character. And because they have existed since the dawn of time, I like to work these minerals like talismans that would accompany us every day.

My sources of inspiration are essentially the 20s for the artistic richness of this era, mixing grace and simplicity of lines, freeing the body and sublimating feminine curves. In my design work, I am guided by the fascinating imagination of tribal communities, allocating a mystical symbolism to jewelry. Very influenced by the folk state of mind of the 70's and its hippie way of life, my creative approach is free and constantly evolving.

Infusing a retro style with subtle touches, jewelry sometimes mixes with old objects, diverted from their original function. Associated with fine or semi-precious stones, they create a poetic universe evoking an experience, a story.''

Erelle Bertolini graduated with a master's degree in design and has been creating jewelry since 2008, a few years ago she opened her boutique-workshop in the heart of Lausanne.

Photography: @emilieMuller