"The 4 Shards of Selene"

Designed as healing amulets, the necklaces in this collection are created around the power of four kinds of quartz, four energies, four moments.

Each stone has been worked in its singularity by creating harmony between the masculine power of quartz and the strength of the symbols of feminine sacred geometry. The copper, which makes up their strapping, was chosen because it is a strong energy conductor and amplifies the vibration of the quartz.

Several of the stones were formed in the mountains of Upper Valais and were extracted by a passionate Valais crystal maker. The necklaces were made in collaboration with our artisan jewelerEl Bijoux (Lise Elzingre) in Lausanne who circled them by hand. They were then gilded with pale gold by our Parisian craftsman (certified eco-responsible).

The Four Shards of Selene

We gave them the names of Augé, Mesembria, Acté and Dysis in honor of the Hours, daughters of the lunar goddess Selene. Among her 12 daughters, we have selected 4, for their symbolic representation of the moments of our days; the first light of day, the peak of light, the hour of pleasure and dusk.

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