Anahita, immaculate force of water

This collection focuses on the Persian deity Anahita, celestial source of all the waters of the earth. As such, it symbolizes beauty, healing and wisdom. Goddess of purification and production of life, she increases the energies, the goods of the earth and the riches. She is as much the figure of the mother as that of the warrior, the Lady of Victory in wars.

Anahita is also a root of Anaïs, first name of the one who is at the origin of the poetry of this Baies d'Erelle collection.

These new pieces are made up of lines that combine the symbolism of water and those of the earth, of crops. For us, they therefore resonate with the season of Virgo, and the next full moon in Pisces, which is also the harvest moon. The strength and delicacy of earth and water unite here.

We hope you enjoy this brass and copper collection as much as we like to offer it to you when autumn arrives.

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