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The New Moon, cycle of rebirth

The New Moon, cycle of rebirth


The moon, in its perpetual movement, is bathed in sunlight which it reflects according to its alignment with the Earth, in an ascending and descending manner. The New Moon corresponds to the alignment of the three stars, when the visible face of the moon is completely hidden, deprived of the rays of the Sun, plunged into the darkness of the shadow of the Earth. It is also called Black Moon. The nights are darker and call us to embrace the darkness.

Water on Earth resonates with the alignment between the Moon, our planet and the Sun, causing stronger tides. By echo, the water that makes up our body feels its energy movements.

The masculine power of the sun is no more. The Earth in all its feminine essence awakens the unconscious, makes room for intuition and calls to the world of dreams. The vastness of the sky reveals its millions of stars which appear more scintillating.

The full moon embodies the completion, the end of a cycle, while the new moon is linked to the new beginning, the beginning . Each new lunar cycle is a chance, like a new existence, a birth where we can get in touch with our deepest dreams. It is a phase of introspection where the unconscious takes the reins to reveal our deep needs to us, by letting its mind slow down, observe, meditate, in order to clarify our intentions and integrate the new cycle that presents itself . Because as the light gradually makes the crescent moon grow in the immensity of the sky, our desires ripen and our whole being operates this lunar growth.

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