Sage to burn "red rose"

SFr. 29.00

Small bundle of California White Sage hand wrapped with rose petals. Sage is known to bring purification and spiritual healing. The rose carries a gentle vibration of love. The small quartz fixed to the bundle brings it anchoring and spiritual elevation.

Set fire to the bundle and blow gently to extinguish the flame and fan the smoke, because it is the smoke that traps all the negative energies. Start by purifying yourself by circulating the smoke around you, then scatter it in all the places you would like to purify. Do not hesitate to set an intention to accompany your ritual.

Once your ritual is complete, crush the bundle to suffocate it or pass it under running water to extinguish it (may be re-lit for several uses). Ventilate all the rooms well after your purification to allow the smoke to carry away all the negative energies.

All Plants are ecologically grown and harvested in an ethical way. Each bundle is tied during the day of the full moon and charged with a lunar bath.