"Purification" ritual box

SFr. 80.00

Do you know the rituals of purification by fumigation?

We have created ritual boxes made up of different elements beneficial to fumigation such as Palo Santo, sacred herbs, healing crystals, a shell and a symbolic feather. All kits are purified and all the elements that compose it are natural, having undergone no treatment.

This purification kit is composed of:
Sacred herb native to California. It brings a powerful purification during your rituals. It brings strength and wisdom by driving out the negative.

Sacred wood from Peru that cleans and purifies the atmosphere during your rituals. It hunts negative energies, brings relaxation and harmony.

Abalone shell from the United States which symbolizes the water element in purification rituals and serves as a receptacle for the ashes of burnt herbs during fumigation. It brings security and well-being.

Originally from Eurasia, this feather comes from a bird raised in France in a 16-hectare park. The feathers are harvested once they have fallen from the bird, during the different moulting periods. This feather nourishes the essence of the soul and the spirit, to evolve in all areas of life.
The feather allows the energy work during the fumigation with lightness. It helps to fan the embers and spread the smoke all around you to aid in the cleansing process.

Originally from Europe, this transparent quartz is slightly crystallized at the tips. It symbolizes spiritual purity. It unblocks and eliminates negativity. It provides a strong energetic opening by opening to subtle and spiritual perceptions.