Small bouquet of Sage to burn

SFr. 29.00

Small bundle of California White Sage to burn, hand-wrapped with lavender, small flowers and dried roses. Sage is known to bring purification and spiritual healing, lavender cleans and purifies the air and rose brings a loving vibration to the fumigation ritual.

Put the bouquet on fire and blow gently on the flame. Use white smoke to purify all desired people or areas. The smoke traps all negative energies.

Once your ritual is complete, crush the bundle to suffocate it or pass it under running water to extinguish it (can be reignited for several uses). Ventilate all the rooms well after your purification to allow the smoke to carry away all the negative energies.

All plants are ecologically grown and ethically harvested. Each bundle is tied on the day of the full moon and loaded with a moon bath.