Moon Ritual Kit

SFr. 50.00

Small kit to connect to lunar energy. Resonate with the biodynamic cycles of the lunar phases to attune yourself to the natural rhythm of the seasons influenced by the moon. Enter into symbiosis with these lunar phases to feel the benefits and align your feminine cycle with them.

This kit is composed of:
1 sachet of white sage and dried wild roses
1 stick of Palo Santo
1 stick of selenite
1 Pyrite
1 Moonstone
1 explanatory card for the ritual (English)

Our ritual
On full moon or new moon nights, settle in a place that reassures you and soothes you (at home or outside). Bring a match and a terracotta dish. Light the candle that you will position centered in front of you. Take the stone of your preference in the left hand and place the others in front of you: moonstone, stone of intuition and cycles of life; pyrite, stone of vitality and abundance; selenite, stone of appeasement and serenity.

Light the Palo Santo stick to purify the space around you and yourself. In your dish, place pinches of sage and flower petals that you will burn with the same intention of purification. Then add it throughout your ritual by continuing to burn them. Associated with wild rose petals, sage purifies and wraps itself in a gentle energy carrying the vibration of the sacred feminine. Take the time to breathe deeply, to empty yourself for a moment. Then ventilate your purification space for at least 5 minutes, the smoke carries away the bad energies with it.

Find your own words to invoke your connection to Lunar energy. Set the intentions and the benefits you seek through this symbiosis. Visualize the lunar light passing through you and anchoring itself in the earth. Feel the reassuring and beneficial alignment of this connection and visualize your inner goddess dancing to the rhythms of the lunar cycles. End, if you feel like it, with a gratitude meditation.

Ritual on the evening of the Full Moon : realize that the moon is at its peak, the period of growth ends. Take advantage of this moment to ask to purify yourself of all the patterns that do not suit you and prevent you from moving forward.

Ritual on the evening of the New Moon: realize that the moon is completely hidden by the earth from the light of the sun. It is a period of introspection where the esoteric world takes back its rights over our unconscious. This is a perfect time to release your fears and invoke your intentions for fulfillment.