Love Ritual Kit

SFr. 50.00

Small Kit to purify and invoke love in your life in all its forms. Purify your sacred space and open your heart to more love.

This kit is composed of:
1 bag of dried rose petals
1 sachet of dried lavender and heather
1 stick of Palo Santo
1 candle
1 Rose Quartz
1 explanatory card for the ritual (English)
1 mini bottle of rose-scented oil

Our ritual
Settle in a place that reassures and calms you (at home or outside). Bring a match and a terracotta dish. Light the candle that you will position centered in front of you. Place rose quartz in your left hand, the hand of the heart, to connect to the energetic benefits of this stone of unconditional love. First light the stick of Palo Santo to purify the space around you and yourself. In your dish, place pinches of flower petals that you will burn with the same intention of purifying the place and your whole being. Then add flower petals that you will continue to burn throughout your ritual. Lavender cleans the places and the air by releasing negative energies. The rose brings softness and a feeling of love. Take the time to breathe deeply, to empty yourself for a moment. Then ventilate your purification space for at least 5 minutes, the smoke carries away the bad energies with it.

Apply rose oil in small circular massages to your temples, your third eye, your heart chakra and the inside of your wrists. Close your eyes and breathe in the fragrances for a few moments.

Find your own words to invoke the pure and infinite energy of Love. Set your intentions by visualizing the arrival of the abundance of love through light. Ask for what you need, the form of love you need to open your heart and amplify your inner goddess. End, if you feel like it, with a gratitude meditation.