Turan, the sacred love goddess

This collection is a tribute to the ancient goddesses of love and light throughout the Etruscan and Indian civilizations. The Etruscan goddess Turan, spirit of love and happiness, who helps lovers and Ushas, ​​Vedic goddess of dawn, who dispels darkness, reveals earthly treasures and enlightens the world with truth.

Two lines of jewelry made of brass and copper, one raw, the other gilded with fine gold, featuring chains and fine filigree prints, with labradorite stones, white and gray mother-of-pearl, amazonite , black agate, rhodochrosite, amethyst, howlite or moonstone.

For this new collection, we collaborated with the artist Anouck Sessa / Judski who imagined and produced an exclusive graphic illustration, thus bringing a lunar atmosphere to our photo shoot.


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