Self-love ritual spray

SFr. 29.00

Self-love auric spray
Made in Lausanne by us, this auric spray consists of energized spring water, infused with slivers of moonstone and labradorite (stones of intuition, femininity, magic and protection) . This spray combines the energetic virtues of organic essential oils of Ho Wood and Lemon Tree, with the scent of Rose-Sandalwood. And to amplify its benefits we gave it a moon bath.

Used in 3 pulses around you, this water promotes harmony, connection with your feminine and intuitive energy, while enveloping the body in reassuring and soothing scents.

This 30ml spray is composed of:
- a glass container
- spring water
- organic essential oils & natural fragrance of Rose-Santalwood
- shards of moonstone and labradorite