Rituals Berry Bath Salts

SFr. 29.00

Our Baies d'Erelle bath salts, handcrafted by our team in Lausanne, are made to accompany your moments of relaxation and your purification rituals. They are composed of natural elements, charged at the vibratory rate of petalite or thulite.

Give yourself a moment to glorify your inner goddess and sensuality.

Each model is available in two formats; 250ml and 125ml.

Composition :
- Himalayan pink salt
- Organic dried rose and lemon balm petals
- Organic essential oil of ylang ylang, with relaxing properties and stimulating sensuality
- A quartz of your choice (petalite or thulite)

- Petalite: Releases positive and self-healing energy
- Thulite: Infuses an energy of romance and desire

To benefit from the virtues of quartz, place them near your bath or place the stone on your heart chakra, avoiding immersing it (quartz does not tolerate hot water well).