Creativity Ritual Roll-on

SFr. 36.00

The creativity energy roll-on
Made by us in Lausanne, it is composed of organic Jojoba vegetable oil, infused with mallow petals (flower of serenity and appeasement) and slivers of labradorite and amethyst (stones of spiritual elevation) . Mixed with the aromatic scents of organic essential oils of Amyris and White Spruce, the oil gives off a reassuring and harmonizing fragrance. Its gold powder (mica of 100% natural origin) illuminates the skin.

This roll-on is designed to develop perceptions and stimulate inspiration in connection with the 3rd eye. It helps to have confidence in life and pushes to the realization of one's creativity. To be applied on the solar plexus and inside the wrists, in order to benefit from its virtues at any time.

This 15ml Roll-on is composed of:
- Organic Jojoba vegetable oil
- blend of organic essential oils
- shards of labradorite and amethyst
- organic mallow petals
- natural mica gold powder

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To accompany the roll-on in a creative process, we suggest you choose the kit consisting of:

A stick of Palo Santo
Sacred wood from Peru, its smoke cleans and purifies the atmosphere, it drives out negative energies by bringing relaxation and harmony. To burn before using the roll-on, setting your creative intentions.

a labradorite
Magic stone, it is the symbol of esoteric knowledge. By connecting to inner powers and awakening the 3rd eye, it stimulates intuitive and mental skills. Labradorite dismisses any duality within us, to re-establish the connection to our intuition in order to stimulate our creativity. To keep in hand for a moment to connect to it. Take it with you or place it wherever you want to stimulate your creativity.