Energizing stones ritual "Regenerate & relax"

SFr. 42.00

Do you know the virtues of stones to energize the water you drink?

energize water

Take advantage of the benefits of stones and crystals to energize your water on a daily basis. Their virtues and vibrations are captured and assimilated by the water. Water, at the heart of all life, is the memory and generator of our body, which contains 65%.

When using for the first time, place the stones in water with added salt (sea or Himalayan) to purify them for 10 minutes. You can also recharge them by exposing them to the sun or moonlight for 10 minutes to increase their energy potential.

Place the stones in a glass carafe. Fill with water and stir with a wooden spoon in a clockwise direction to activate a swirl in your water and increase the energization. Let the quartzes diffuse their vibrations in the water for a few minutes before drinking your energized water. Remember to wash (brush) your stones with lukewarm water every day.

Benefits: Regenerate & Relax

Aventurine : Calms anger and irritation. Stimulates emotional recovery. Promotes feelings of well-being. Positive and prosperity stone.

Sodalite : Regenerating. It strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body and activates healing. Calms the mind and fear. Stone of creativity.

Magnesite : Brings deep peace. Stabilizing stone. Confers coherence of feelings, a sense of responsibility and dispels fears. Detoxifies the body by its diuretic action.

Box: wooden 8cm (height/width), with vegetable horsehair
Baies d'Erelle pouch: in eco-responsible cotton to carry your stones