Self-love ritual roll-on

SFr. 39.00

The self-love energy roll-on
Produced by us in Lausanne, it is composed of organic Jojoba vegetable oil, infused with organic Rose buds (flower of compassion and harmony) and bursts of pink quartz and rhodochrosite (stones for healing the heart, love and compassion) . This oil with the scent of Rose-Sandalwood and blended with organic essential oils of Lavender, Patchouli and Rosewood, gives off a reassuring and calming scent. Its gold powder (mica of 100% natural origin) illuminates the skin. And to amplify its benefits, we gave it a moon bath.
This roll-on is designed to dispel anxiety, develop feminine intuition and stabilize emotions. To be applied on the heart chakra and inside the wrists, in order to benefit from its virtues at any time.

This 15ml Roll-on is composed of:
- Organic Jojoba vegetable oil
- blend of organic essential oils & natural fragrance of Rose-Sandalwood
- shards of rose quartz & rhodocrosite
- organic rose buds
- natural mica gold powder

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To accompany the roll-on in a heart strengthening process, we suggest you choose the kit consisting of:

A Palo Santo
Sacred wood from Peru, its smoke cleans and purifies the atmosphere, it drives out negative energies by bringing relaxation and harmony. Burn before using the roll-on, focusing your attention on healing the heart.

A pink quartz
A stone of unconditional love and femininity, it brings emotional healing that dissolves barriers to achieve deep trust. Its strength allows you to get rid of stress, fear, or anger to open the heart positively with hope and joy. It is a talisman of love, a gift from the earth. To keep in hand for a moment to connect to it. To be placed on the heart chakra whenever you feel the need.