Acté necklace "The 4 shards of Selene"

SFr. 279.00

Short necklace, adjustable size (40cm/50cm), positioned on the throat chakra
Thin chain in golden brass & copper (pale gilding treatment)

Small rock crystal (2.3cm/0.7cm) from the mountain of Catogne, in Valais
Unique piece

The Four Shards of Selene

Designed as healing amulets, the necklaces in this collection are created around the power of rock crystal .

Each stone, unique in its color and in its shape, has been worked in its singularity by creating harmony between the masculine power of quartz (by its shape) and the strength of the symbols of feminine sacred geometry (engraved on its strapping). The copper that surrounds them was chosen because it is a strong energy conductor which amplifies the vibration of the quartz.

The necklaces were made in collaboration with our artisan jeweler El Bijoux in Lausanne who circled them by hand. They were then gilded with pale gold by our Parisian craftsman (certified eco-responsible).

We gave them the name of Acté , in honor of the Hours, daughters of the lunar goddess Selene, because they symbolize moments of our days.

Rock Crystal: Amplifies positive energy and clarity of mind
Origin : from the mountain of Catogne, in Valais
Acté: 4 p.m., Pleasure hour
Chakra: throat

Sacred geometry on the front: the open Vesica , symbolizing the mother goddess, the womb, the vulva, the original cosmic cell.
Sacred geometry on the back: the full moon , symbolizing the lunar power of the white goddess, fullness, balance, the 1st cell of life.

Packajing: each necklace comes with a purification box (1 Palo Santo, 1 sachet of sage to burn and 1 abalone)

Guidance : With the purchase of a necklace, an audio file will be offered to you. It will give you the keys to better know your stone, its symbolism, and how to connect to its healing virtues.