All our jewels are guaranteed to be free of traces of nickel in order to prevent any risk of allergy.

For brass and raw copper jewelry: Brass and copper jewelry oxidizes naturally depending on the humidity level of the environment and the acidity of the skin. Keep them in a dry place away from dust. We advise you to remove your jewelry in the shower as well as in the swimming pool or when swimming in the sea. Brass and copper jewelry that becomes dark can be cleaned with a cloth or a small brush. sweet and baking soda mixed with a little water. Special milks for the maintenance of copper and brass are available in drugstores. Be sure to spare the stones of your jewelry when cleaning.

For pale gold plated jewelry: Our line of pale gold plated brass and copper jewelry features a golden midtone (between gold and silver). To prevent wear of the gilding, we recommend that you avoid contact with water (sea, swimming pool, shower) and remove them for any manual work. The acidity of the skin, depending on the person, can alter the gilding more or less quickly. Over time, the copper present under the gilding can give a slightly pinkish tint to the jewel without staining the skin. Unlike raw brass and copper jewellery, all of our jewels gilded with pale gold do not support cleaning treatment. The use of any cleaning product or tool is strongly discouraged. In case of dirt, a brief rinsing with water is sufficient.

Jewelry can be damaged by contact with metal objects or chemicals. Remember to protect them from any friction, shock and perfumes.

We recommend not sleeping with your jewelry on.