JUDAS fiery heart silver necklace

SFr. 179.00

Fine golden brass & copper chain (silver treatment)
1 fiery heart pendant
1 drop of red garnet
Chain length: 45 cm + pendant 2.5 cm

This collection was born from a meeting with Dakota & Nadia, driven by their desire to reinforce the symbolism of the heart, echoing the theme addressed in their 1st show "Judas".

The ardent heart, at the center of this collection, embodies the victory of love over the wounds of the heart. A drop of garnet is lodged within it, symbolizing the duality of the couple. Highly regenerating, the gentle energy of garnet opens the heart.

It encourages the reception and expression of abundant love, respect and compassion towards others and oneself. Worn against the skin, this garnet brings calm, reconciliation and grounding.

Since childhood, Dakota and Nadia have been dancing their emotions and bringing them to life through movement. In their art, they choose to embody life situations and social events. Their show JUDAS , referring to the peephole on our doors, addresses the theme of domestic violence and seeks to raise awareness of this topic, which is more relevant than ever.

Part of the profits will be donated to local associations, in accordance with their values, selected according to the performance venues of the show. Seats will be offered to different institutions or schools for the promotion of culture.