Book Erelle Berries

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Book of 10 years of Baies d'Erelle

This book was born from a desire to tell my story, to share the difficulties and questions encountered on my life path. Where does creativity come from? Where does she love? Does it take root in our imagination, in our karmic memories, or both? Does it wait for our soul to recognize it and leave the field open to it? How to tame it and create without judging yourself? So many questions that we will find answered in this book, which traces above all an initiatory journey to encounter its wild nature.

Imagination is the keystone of all creativity. It takes root in our karmic memories and feeds on everything that pleases us, challenges us and touches us.

The power of creativity lies in strength and freedom.

Author: Erelle Bertolini
Writing support: Marie-Eve Tschumi
Graphics: Anouck Sessa / Judski