Workshop Level 2 - Short Protective Collar

SFr. 79.00

We suggest you make your own short necklace, specially designed to accompany you in this particular period.

The collar is delivered as a kit containing:
- 1 brass and copper chain + 1 extension chain + 1 clasp + 3 rings + 1 Baies d'Erelle logo
- 3 small round stones + 2 brass beads + brass wire for assembly
- 1 Palo Santo (to purify your stone and your necklace)

Select your stones (see photos): benefits of quartz
- Black agate : protection, courage, stability, self-control
- Amazonite : emotional soothing, balancing, open to communication
- Amethyst : tranquilizing, purifying, balancing, brings serenity and awakening
- Labradorite : stimulates intuition, brings self-confidence, amplifies imagination
- Pyrite : stimulates memory, creativity, intuition, sense of organization
- Smoky quartz : promotes grounding, positive thinking and neutralizes fear
- White quartz : stone of wisdom and purity, harmonizes all the chakras

Symbolism of the Throat Chakra : Position of the necklace (40cm chain + 5cm extension)
Symbolizes self-expression. Its name in Sanskrit means ¨purification¨. It is linked to creativity, emotions, inspiration, abundance, communication and individualization.

Select your clamps if needed:
Kit of three pliers to assemble this jewel:
- 1 round pliers + 1 flat pliers + 1 cutting pliers

To allow you to complete the making of your talisman necklace, we offer you a Palo Santo (sacred wood of purification). All you have to do is burn the end of the Palo Santo and disperse the smoke all around the jewel, insisting on the stone (to be burned several times ). The intention that you bring to this purification will accompany you each time you wear your necklace. Renew this purification each time you feel the need.